What inspired The Wink Label?

I always felt that affordable apparels with good design and quality were hard to come by. Brands available in the malls were surely of good quality but the price range of those were unaffordable to me. On the other hand, many foreign websites have opened online stores in India which offered the latest designs within an affordable range but compromised massively on their quality. These brands also have been known to use unlawful means to achieve such prices.

Though online giants had options that fit in all three brackets, affordability, design and quality, it is hard and time consuming to find those in the thousands of options listed on the website/apps.
The gap for a one stop shop that fulfilled all three needs for customers that curated to their style and design needs was growing larger by the day.

This gap in the market and the desire to be a business owner inspired me to start the Wink Label which is India’s one of a kind, one-stop shop which offers curated fashion at the best of prices. We offer a unique experience to our customers as one does not have to be concerned about the prices, since products across all categories are in an affordable price range. Hence, our customers need only focus on selecting the best designs for them. I fashioned the brand on the virtues of providing the best of fashion to all women across all sizes, ages and ethnicities since the right to fashion was also a strong an inspiration to start this brand.

I hope The Wink Label is your go-to store for all your fashion needs. We aspire to make it the best and largest in the market without ever compromising on our practices, policies and ethics.

– Jamini

 Founder, The Wink Label