What is The Wink Label all about?

Our brand USP is “Making modern fashion accessible at affordable prices to everyone who desires.”
The Wink Label is India’s one of a kind, one-stop shop which offers curated fashion at the best of prices. We offer a unique experience to our customers as one does not have to be concerned about the prices, since products across all categories are in an affordable price range. Hence, customers need only focus on selecting the best designs for them.

The Vision we foresee for TWL is to “Create awareness about Fashion being a right for all women and making it accessible and affordable to women of all sizes, color and ages.”

The Wink Label majorly revolves around the philosophy of affordability and accessibility. We aim to make TWL and fashion accessible to women of all sizes. Our sizes currently range from Small to XXL and we are working on introducing a much wider size range for our customers. Our product range features various types of clothing to cater to all age brackets. The most essential part of accessibility is the price, and The Wink Label prides itself on apparels with one of the most optimum price ranges in the country without compromising on quality and design. The brand aims that every woman on the globe is empowered and able to express herself and her sense of fashion without much spend and effort.